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Rabbit Nappies, Bunny Nappies


We do not recommend nappies to be worn by your bunny at all times as rabbits need access to their droppings for their caecotropes. Our nappies are great for disabled rabbits, or when you travel with your bunny, or when you hold them on your lap and they should be worn for only short periods of time. Always seek advice from your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding your pet’s medical conditions.

Some common uses of bunny nappies include:

  • Disabled rabbits who have difficulties going potty in their litter, or have become incontinent
  • Transporting your bunny in a car
  • Playing and bonding with your bunny on your lap
  • Pet therapy

Our rabbit nappies will help you protect your floors, furniture and your sanity while having your bunny run around the house again! In addition, our nappies are great for disabled rabbits that have incontinence issues. Washer and dryer safe. Nappies can be used alone or with our reusable diaper liners for extra protection (sold separately).

Designed and handmade in Huntington Beach, California USA.


Made in USA - Bunny Diapers, Bunny Nappies


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I love these bunny nappies! I was hesitant about ordering them at first because I thought they might not work or that our bunnies would not take to them. We had tied using regular baby nappies and they hated them plus they kept falling off every time they hopped about but these “Bunny Nappies” are so awesome!!! Our little bunnies have no problem wearing them and they stay on without being too tight or constricting plus our bunnies weren’t fazed one bit while putting them on. Now they can roam all around the house! I love this product!!! — Diana K. (Granite Bay, CA)


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